A Challenge for a Better YOU.

How to get insightful advice from the most important people to become a better leader.


The Challenge


Ask one person a day to give you feedback in less than 2-4 words.

 For 21 days ask for feedback on how you can be a better leader, significant other, team mate, parent, sibling etc. (Face-to-face preferred)


Thank them for the feedback (thanking shows acknowledgement), and ask them to join the challenge.


Use our post template (below) to share on your social media feed each day the feedback you got using the hashtag #fastfeedback and tag the person you received feedback from.

Why Should You Do This Challenge?

Learning is not the ability to grasp new information you didn't know before. Learning is the ability to take on a new action that you did not take before. 

There is no increased value for knowing something you didn’t know. Remember, no one paid you for getting A’s in Chemistry.  

 But as leaders, we always want to know;

  • What new action will make all of the difference?
  • What is it that we are not doing now?
  • What should we change? Focus on? Improve on? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

I know YOU want to become a better leader, but the question is how? 

Well, I have a little secret that might surprise you. 

Do you want to know who has the most insightful advice that will make you a better leader? 

It’s your teammates, it’s your significant other and it’s your friends. 


And do you want to know the worst part?

  • They’re holding back on you.
  • They are being nice. 
  • They are not giving it to you straight. 

You have to ask for it. 

You have to tell them that you are trying to be a better leader, friend and significant other, and you have to ask for their feedback. 

Asking for feedback is a real vulnerable move.

Yes, asking for feedback puts you in a huge space of vulnerability.  Thinking about asking for it. Listening to it. And then absorbing what they have to say.  Yikes.

Yes, their feedback could change the trajectory of your life. 

Seriously! I know, because it happened to me. 


The Feedback That Changed My Life

When I was taking a Leadership course, I asked the facilitator a question.  He answered it, Then, without taking a breath, I contradicted what he had to say. 


He stopped.  He stood back.  He said three words that forever changed my life:

He said 


“You don’t listen.”


The funny part about it was at that moment, I was actually listening!


We have a challenge for you.  And we throw down the gauntlet here, because we WANT to change your life, as long as you dare to LISTEN!

What's in it For You

Increased Self-Awareness

Learn more about how you are showing up to other people, and see if that’s how you want to be showing up.

Actionable Steps

With each piece of feedback, create a new action to take on and practice. 

Stepping Into a New You

By taking 21 days of seeking feedback, you will become more confident at asking for feedback, and begin stepping into the best version of yourself.



Finally Get The Insight You've Been Looking for



By signing up through the challenge here, you are going to see me share my experience as I go through this challenge as well. I will also guide you through the feedback you get to give you actionable steps into your growth.


This challenge will only be available for a limited time.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, you can do the challenge on your own. But when you send me your email, I will send you a video series that helps guide you through the feedback challenge process. You will learn things like a script to use when asking for feedback, how to respond to feedback, and how to process the feedback you receive. It gives me a chance to guide you every step of the way and facilitate your learning as a leader. 

I've created a simple step-by-step guide to show you how to use my templates on Facebook for your posts and stories to share online every day. Don't forget to tag me at @teamcoachmitch so I can see your progress! 

Sometimes, the feedback we receive from others is hard to swallow. This is why I created this series to help you gain confidence in asking for feedback, processing the feedback you receive and acting on it. This is why it's important to sign up for my email series. 

Can you believe there was actually a time when that was the only way to ask for feedback? 


It's true. Face to face feedback is a more vulnerable move, but it allows for a deeper connection with the other person. It shows you really want to grow and that you can't without their help. It helps them see your facial expressions and adds meaning to the conversation when you respond, "Thank you for your feedback."


That's harder to do over the phone and online. 

We've created a simple template and step-by-step guide to help you quickly and easily post to Instagram stories and save it to post as an Instagram post. 

Social Media Posts to Share

Share the following posts on your first day of the challenge and use the last image as a template to post every day.